Case Study – School Stockton-on-Tees


Case Study – School   Stockton-on-Tees    2016                                          school1           


Watercare were approached a local School who had just become an Academy after being state controlled. We carried out a legionella risk assessment and discovered that the site did not comply with Acop L8 in many area’s. The School showers were fed by dirty tanks, many of the temperatures were within the dangerous zone for legionella and many items needed repairs.

The Difficulty

The water tanks were situated at the top of a brick tower some 15 meters high with an old steel access ladder for access. It soon became apparent that these had not been inspected, the School had been told they had been.

tloc          Tanks in a roof tower                       ladder

Watercare provided specialist staff with harness and confined access training to carry out this work.

What we found

Our staff had been told that the tanks had been inspected, however our assessor requested a new inspection. The tanks were found to be filthy and full of debris.



We initially cleaned out and chlorinated the storage tanks, then we returned and re-lined the storage tanks leaving them clean and hygienic.

img_3164-1                          Tank lined with epoxy lining                        img_3236

We repaired the heating plant and located and repaired broken underground service pipes for the hot water system, and renewed the faulty shower packs.


The system which was in a poor state, now is clean and refurbished and subject to a cleaning and disinfection routine and the hot and cold water systems now comply with HSG 274 part 2. A difficult job with limited access, completed on time.

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