Case Study – RNLI Humber



Case Study – RNLI  Humber LBS Spurn Point     2016                              lb               


Watercare were approached by a local Contractor working for the RNLI in the North East. The area manager had requested we carry out a Legionella Risk Assessment and investigate the condition of the water tank.

The Difficulty

The site is isolated an hours drive from Hull across a causeway with limited access to normal vehicles.

d11                     d12                        jetty

If you forget your tools or equipment your day would over, also the walk to the end of the jetty to the crew hut is over 300m.

What we found

The background to our visit was that some months earlier the main supply pipe had broken to the site from the mainland and the water tank was contaminated.

photo-1                     tphoto                  dphoto


Watercare were instructed to find solutions to the problems

We sent specialist engineers to site, to drain and clean out the water tanks and chlorinate and disinfect the whole of the supply

IMG_0902.jpg         Tank after cleaning.          img_0903          New tap position

We relocated the water cleaning pipe to comply with WRAS regulations and removed dead ends from the system, and carried out a risk assessment.


Once completed our client was advised of the further works to undertake and the on going maintenance required. Watercare returned to site and trained the station officer in legionella awareness so he could monitor the site.

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